Thursday, August 15, 2013

So sorry.....we are still not done with our new website ~ but you are gonna LOVE it!!!   We should  be able to provide you a link in the next couple of weeks ~ yippee~!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Please excuse our mess!   We are undergoing a bit of construction!

Our new and improved (and prettier!) blog and website will offer you options to navigate the site a bit easier, tutorials for shop projects, and all kinds of informative .... stuff! 

If you need an update on the monthly class schedule check our Facebook page or give us a call at 803.412.8880 ~ or just hop in your car and Flutterby!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Class Schedule

Everyone is crazy busy in May with Mother's Day events, graduations, the end of school, planning vacations and just plain being excited about spring (finally!)... so, we are planning the May classes to fit into YOUR schedule! Just call us and let us know when you would like to take a class ... which day of the week and what time .... and viola!

 We will make it happen!

We already have two requested classes scheduled:

Thursday May 9 - 6:15-8:15 Let's Distress! $75
Wednesday May 29-1:30-3:30 Let's Distress! $75

Now....see how easy that is!!!!
Give us a call....
then just FLUTTERBY!!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

.Yay!  Time for more classes!!!  It is still a little cool outside and pretty windy some days.... good time to come on in and learn some awesome new skills.  Sign up for a class or call us and schedule some studio time (bring in a piece of your own to paint as we guide you through it and use our supplies...we will guide you along and be your best cheerleader!)
Let's distress                   
April 16   Tuesday        (10:30-12:30)          $75
April 18   Thursday      (6:30-8:30pm)       $75
April 27   Saturday       (10:30-12:30)         $75
You will learn four basic painting techniques using chalk based paints and learn how to apply a luxury wax finish to each technique.  We will play with the wax and paints to learn even more cool ways to enhance just about anything!
April 11  Thursday        (10:30-12:30)       Rewiring 101                 $20
You will be the queen of all DIY'ers after you learn how to do your own lamp rewiring! We will go over several different wiring scenarios and you will rewire a lamp all by yourself! Cool....
April 25  Thursday  (10:30-12:30)   Earring Organizer   $30
Using an old picture frame you will create a work of art!  You will paint an old picture frame and apply a luxury wax finish.  Then you will use your precision measuring and cutting skills on screening fabric that you will expertly handgun staple to the back side of your beautiful frame.  After attaching a ribbon for hanging you will take home a beautiful earring organizer that will be the envy of all your friends!  (You can bring a really cool/ornate picture frame of your to use for the class if you have one!)
Call to reserve your space in a class ~ Deposit required

Friday, February 22, 2013

Okay....okay!!!  Enough of the wintery yucky weather already!  We all know in our heads that we live in the south....but....what we really love is warm, sunshiney, let-me-go-outside-without-a-coat weather!  Sooooo, it is time to dump the winter hours and start thinking spring!
Beginning March 1st we will be open six days a week again!
  Yes, Virginia, almost better than Santa! 
Spring hours are:
Monday thru Friday 10-6  and Saturday 10-3
yippee!  (if I were a Tigger...I would be bouncy-pouncy all over the place right about now!!!)

 March 2  Saturday (10:30-12:30) Stenciled Wall Hanger $30

You will paint/stencil/distress and wax a decorative board, then using awesome power tools,
 drill a hole and attach a decorative knob for...
your own wall hanger...use for your coats, purses, scarves,
 towels or jewelry...or just show it off on your wall!

March 5 Tuesday (10:30-12:15) Let's Distress ... $75
March 16 Saturday (10:30-12:30) Let's Distress $75
March 21 Thursday (6:30-8:30 pm) Let's Distress $75

Learn basic painting and waxing techniques using our supplies and
you will soon be the queen of chalk and milk based paints!

March 14 Thursday (10:30-12:30) Monogrammed Stationary $25

Using an ink transfer technique you will create your own monogrammed stationary.....
how cool are you!!!!

March 26 Tuesday (10:30-12:30) Rewiring 101 $20

You will be the queen of all DIY'ers after you learn how to do your own lamp rewiring! We will go over several different wiring scenarios and you will rewire a lamp all by yourself! Cool....

March 30 Saturday (10:00-1:00) Painting Superstars! $100

Bring in a small piece (you can carry all by yourself) of furniture ~ ie: small table, small chair, shelfy thing, etc....and we will paint/distress/wax it all in three hours using our supplies!
  You will need to have taken an Intro class previously.

Call to reserve your space in a class ~ Deposit required

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hi all!
Hope everyone recovered from a wonderful holiday season with family and friends to love on!  Now we are hunkering down for a long winters nap...but don't despair!  You can overcome cabin fever by taking a fun class at Flutterby!  If you don't see a class that fits your schedule...or you would like to schedule a girl's night out, just give us a call ~ we can plan something special just for you!
Saturday February 2nd     10-11:30 am     "Let's Distress!"     $75
     Learn four (4) different furniture painting techniques and 3 to 4 luxury wax finishes for each technique.  Using our supplies you will be able to transform icky stuff into cool stuff all by yourself!
Tuesday February 5th      10-11:30 am     "Let's Distress!"     $75
     Same as above...different date!
Saturday February 9th     10:30-Noon      "Cool Coasters"     $20
     Learn how to transform everyday ceramic tiles into beautiful one-of-a-kind monogrammed (and artfully decorated) coasters.  We supply the tools and guidance you will need to skillfully master the art of ink transfer while creating your own set of six monogrammed, honed, ceramic coasters ~ so, when friends drop by for a beverage they will be amazed at your creativity and pure awesomeness!
Saturday February 23rd   10-3 pm            "Painting Superstars"     $100
     For those of you that are now friends with your paint brushes this is the day for you!  Bring in a small-ish piece of furniture (chair. accent table, shelfy thing, large picture frame, mirror, etc)...something you can carry in and out all by yourself....and using our supplies and guidance you will paint, distress, wax, and complete your masterpiece.  Yes, in just three short hours ....!   Again...don't fret....we will supply all the tools/supplies you will to complete your piece ~ and with a little drink and snack to boot!
Studio Hours are available Tuesdays by appointment ~
 Wednesday through Saturday during regular store hours
  Just call ahead~$25 per hour
     ( are asking....hmmmm, what in the world are "studio hours"?  Well, let me 'splain....  During any of the above mentioned times, you are welcome to bring in anything you would like to paint....yes, I said long as you can get it here, in the store, to the workroom, and then back out and home.....anything!  Once you get your "thing" here, you are going to be able to paint it however your little heart desires using our supplies and with guidance from us!  Ask questions, voice concerns, get high fives, listen to us cheer you on ...we are here for you!  While we are also working and creating along side you we will guide you on your quest for creative genius!) 
Remember ~ we have new pieces in the shop weekly...sometimes daily! 
If you have a piece that you have kinda fallen out of love with and it needs a little brightening up or just a new life...we will paint it for you!
Call us if we can reserve a spot in class for you....paint something for you....or if you just miss us bunches!!
See you soon!!!!